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Why should I hire an image consultant?

Ultimately, an image consultant can help you to become more successful in your professional and personal life. He or she can accomplish this by working with you to enhance your interpersonal skills, to improve your appearance and to increase your confidence.

How long will it take before my image starts to improve?

This depends upon your needs and your individual experience with an image consultant. Often, visual changes are immediate. Other changes, such as confidence level and communication skills, sometimes take more time.

How can it help me?

Ask yourself: What difference does self-confidence make in your life? When you’re self-aware, not only of the way you look but of the messages you send with your appearance and presence, you project confidence and credibility. You earn trust. The ways this can help you are immeasurable. It can also help you save time and money. How many times have you wandered around the mall or wasted money on clothes you haven’t worn? How long does it take you to pack and is it difficult to limit yourself to one piece of luggage? Shop, pack, and dress with purpose and never second-guess yourself.

If I am happy with my overall image, can an image consultant still help me?

Many people who are happy with their overall image still benefit from the services of an image consultant. Virtually everyone can enhance some aspect of their image to increase their effectiveness in their personal or professional life.

What happens in a personal consultation?

That depends largely on what you are trying to accomplish, but generally, we will meet at a quiet location (preferably my office) for the initial consultation. We’ll begin with focused discovery questions and a general evaluation. We will also reveal answers to honest self-assessments of your image, style, personality, successes and challenges. Then we’ll use a number of tools and materials to devise personalized plans for success. This isn’t a lecture; it’s collaboration where we design solutions for you and your lifestyle. You walk away with tools to sustain the change over time and to interpret trends into a style that’s true to you.

How long do consultations, training sessions and seminars last?

Consultations on one on one basis will vary based on your topic(s) of choice but will generally last two to three hours a session with an average of two to three sessions. Training and development sessions and seminars range in duration from 4 hrs (half day training session) to 8 hrs (full day training session), depending upon the program selected. Maximum number of participants in a program should be around 25 – 30 (max).

How are your services priced?

For Individuals: Personal consultations are designed and priced to fit your needs and budget; other factors that affect final pricing are one-on-one shopping assistance, and/or additional consultations. For Companies: Depending on the session that is selected, standard Professional pricing will apply. Variation in pricing is only based on the number of days of trainings.